Beach Grafiti smallOne day in Southern California, for Sammy and the San Juan Express, is totally not enough. With a chance to see graffiti art and possibly Kerri Walsh, I decided two days was better. First the Getty Museum, a gigantic complex of marble and gardens with some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen, and it’s free.  Then another day at the beach. This time Venice Beach. What a trip. We started the walk along a three mile boardwalk with a fantastic wall of Graffiti art. There was literally a city sponsored section of the beach dedicated to graffiti artists—cool. Anyone with a spray can or brush can paint?


20160703_113549Then a kind of weird outdoor gym at Muscle Beach. Guys pumping iron, pulling straps with weights, and strutting around showing off their muscles. Yikes! We got out of there fast.

20160703_123216Finally, we headed towards Santa Monica Pier. Sand washed through my toes as my flip flops threw sandy rooster tails behind me and we approached the real athletes—girls beach volleyball teams. There must have been twenty or thirty teams with four girls on each team jumping and diving for the ball. I thought about playing, but I’m only nine inches tall and they were all over six feet. I’m sure one of them was Kerri Walsh Jennings or maybe Misty May-Treanor. It’s a long shot, but you never know who you’ll see on a Los Angeles beach.

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