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Sammy and the San Juan Express — Book Two

Glacier National Park and the Glacier Conservancy stores, will carry the second in the exciting new young adult, adventure series Sammy and the San Juan Express, Presidential Bear.

The perfect summer book for middle grade, young adult, and young at heart readers.

Second in the Sammy and the San Juan Express, young adult, adventure series: When the President of the United States calls, you answer, especially if you are the guest of honor at a summit of the twenty most powerful leaders in the world. Fifteen-year-old Sammy dreams of a three-day vacation relaxing in Glacier National Park. I’ll be treated like a queen, she thinks. Instead she is whisked off on a hike where she meets a spirit-boy, a handsome brown eyed young man, and a frighteningly funny flatulent grizzly bear. Little does she know, there are more than animals and handsome young men in the woods—there is also a band of terrorists bent on disrupting the conference and, as their leader says, “Cutting off the head of the dragon.” To save herself and the President, Sammy must choose between right and wrong, head and heart, activism or terrorism, and hate or love—in a search for the truth.

Sammy lives in a world that is filled with adventure, a touch of the supernatural, a bit of magic, and boys who cause nothing but problems.

For a preview of chapters one and two, click here: Presidential Bear.

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