Last week we published Sammy and the San Juan Express. It’s now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, online book sellers, and local stores, but not enough people know about it. 

We need your help to get the word out. 

If you want to help share Sammy’s adventures with the world, here’s what you can do:

1) Email ten or more of your friends and tell them about Sammy and the San Juan Express. 

Sammy’s story is an exciting adventure for young adult and adult readers. Let your friends and associates know about it by sending a brief email saying something like: 

“I’ve found a wonderful YA novel that I think you and your family will love. Check it out on Amazon or at” 

You may copy our book image into your email if you like. (They can also find Sammy by searching for ISBN: 978-0-9965070-0-4)

2) Post your email message on your facebook or other social network page. 

The quickest way to spread the word is social networks. Include the ISBN: 978-0-9965070-0-4 for searches, and our webpage URL:

3) “Like” us and Friend us on Facebook.

Tell the world you love Sammy.

Our Facebook Page:

4) Give us a positive review on Amazon

If you’ve purchased the book, please give Sammy a positive review on Amazon. (Find Sammy by searching ISBN: 978-0-9965070-0-4)

5) Tell us what you liked most by posting a comment on our website, and on 

If you’ve read all or part of Sammy’s adventure, please visit our website and tell us what you liked most. If you use Goodreads, please post a comment, recommend the book, and add us to your list. 

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