When not traveling, Nickolai Vasilieff is found bent over his computer in a cabin, on the banks of the Necanicum River, in Northwest Oregon, USA. Nickolai is the author of the Sammy and the San Juan Express young adult series, and numerous articles and short stories. 

He is a Navy veteran, private pilot, father, and writer who traveled to over forty countries, including a one-year, around the world adventure, living out of a backpack. The San Juan Express stories are partly inspired by his international travels, and summer vacations in the San Juan Islands with his two children. The stories he made up, to entertain his children during those trips, eventually evolved into the Sammy and the San Juan Express series. Book One—Seals the Deal, and Book Two—Presidential Bear, are available at Beach Books, local book stores, and online. Book three is scheduled for release, Fall 2017.

“Young Adult novels are of particular interest to me, where the imagination of youth is combined with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and adventure, and where confidence is fragile yet boundless. Creating challenges through which characters grow in mind and spirit is a constant objective, along with spinning a good tale, of course.”


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